Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to schedule workouts in the BeachBody Supergym

WOWY (“Work Out With You”) SuperGym™ is your interactive, online health club. This is where you can plan and track your workouts, use helpful and motivational tools, keep in touch with Workout Groups and Buddies who share your goals and interests, and chat with others for advice and inspiration.

Check out this video that will show you how to access the SuperGym

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lifestyle Changes

Hello Friends,
Just a little update, I thought it was time to share my health and fitness journey, and maybe I could help someone who may be feeling the same way.
During the month of  February 2014, after making yet another major decision, I moved back to the east coast. Unfortunately, life was not working out the way I thought it would.  Without fail, depression kicked in, and my health started to take a turn for the worse. I was tired all the time, I started to use food as an emotional crutch, and the mood swings were getting on my nerves.  Life was beginning to suck big time.
Now anytime a trip to the MAC store (YES, I live near a MAC store) did not make me happy, I knew things was getting bad.
Depression, weight gain, stress…things needed to change and change fast.
Healthy LivingThat is when I decided to do something to pick myself up and change things.
The first thing I believed I needed to do was change my eating habits. Stop eating crap and focus on eating clean and healthy. I started to read "The Eat-Clean Diet" book by Tosca Reno to get a better understanding of what eating clean meant. As a person who does not like eating vegetables, I decided to start there.
So I need to figure out how I was going to incorporate vegetables in my diet. After watching several YouTube videos about green smoothies, I thought that would be a perfect way to get vegetables in my diet.  Why someone didn’t think of a smoothie/drink that had veggies and fruit mixed in it, and tastes like a dessert is beyond me, but I take it now.
change your lifeMy next lifestyle change is to exercise more. I began to research exercise videos because going to the gym was not an option for me right now. One day I was watching television and seen the "Focus T25" infomercial. It seem to be something that I could enjoy and I only had to workout for 25 minutes, I placed the order. That is when I found the BeachBody website. Exercising and adding the Shakeology meal replacement.  I have lost 8lbs, and 8 inches with more to go, and I am still pushing play.
Finding Team BeachBody has been the answer to a few problems I would like to resolve. In the past I would by fitness DVDs with the belief that I would use them to get fit. However, after working out with the DVDs after maybe two weeks I would get bored and stop pushing play. With the beachbody  DVDs, specifically the Focus T25 and now 21DayFix DVDs. I enjoy the workouts, and so far have not gotten bored with any of the programs, and the most important part is that I actually see results.
Admittedly, these lifestyle changes are a work in progress, but I am determined to improve my life. Hopefully, while taking this journey I will meet others on the same path, and we can motivate and support each other to achieve our goals. Wish me luck!!

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